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    Kindred Healthcare understands that when people are discharged from a traditional hospital, they often need continued care in order to recover completely. To meet this need we offer services including aggressive, medically complex care, intensive care and short-term rehabilitation. Doctors, case managers, social workers and family members don’t stop caring simply because their loved one or patient has changed location. Neither do we.

    Kindred offers services and points of care that span the post-acute care continuum through our transitional care hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, subacute units, nursing and rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities and homecare and hospice. Our expertise in this post-acute spectrum allows us to help our patients recover to the fullest extent by providing care in the proper care setting.

    Transitional Care Hospitals

    Kindred Transitional Care Hospitals (certified as long-term acute care hospitals) are unique in their ability to care for difficult to treat, chronically critically ill patients who require specialized and aggressive goal-directed care over an extended recovery period. Typical patients have multiple co-morbidities, multi organ system failure, and significant loss of independence, most following a traditional hospital stay.

    Transitional care hospitals are licensed as acute care hospitals with additional Medicare certification that supports a length of stay measured in weeks (more than 25 days on average for Medicare patients) as compared to the typical five day stay for patients in traditional hospitals. We are consequently unique in our ability to care for critically ill patients who require specialized, aggressive, goal-directed care over an extended recovery period. Transitional care hospitals provide long-term acute care (LTAC) to complex medically complex patients who require an extended stay in a hospital setting.

    Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospitals

    Our inpatient rehabilitation hospitals offer intense inpatient programs that provide ongoing care. Our goal is to prepare our patients for a return home independently or with assistance from family members or other care providers. These hospitals are for individuals who have been impaired by an injury or illness and are considered by their physicians to be medically stable and physically able to begin a comprehensive rehabilitation program consisting of at least three hours of therapy a day, five days a week.

    Subacute Units

    The Subacute Units located within some of our transitional care hospitals focus on providing skilled nursing care, medical management and comprehensive rehabilitation for medically complex patients and those with significant functional deficits. Subacute Units are designed for short-term stay patients. The average length of stay is from several days to several weeks, depending on their medical and rehabilitation needs. Discharge planning begins upon admission, focusing on the individualized goal and desired outcomes.

    Transitional Care and Skilled Nursing Centers

    From intensive short-stay rehab provided in our transitional care centers to longer-term restorative care, our nursing and rehabilitation centers provide a full range of medical and social services to treat and support each and every one of our patients and residents. Many of our patients and residents go home each year, and for those who are unable to return home, we provide safe, compassionate care in an environment that fosters independence and dignity.

    Assisted Living

    Our assisted living residences offer a full range of services, from housekeeping to restaurant-quality dining, that help our residents remain independent. Apartments are designed to provide privacy, but with easy access to activities and companionship. These residences also include a 24-hour emergency response system to provide assistance and security.

    Services include elegant living areas, a full complement of hospitality services including three restaurant-style meals per day, weekly housekeeping and laundry service, scheduled local transportation, personal care salons, maintenance of building and grounds, wellness programs and social activities.

    Kindred at Home

    Through a combination of owned, managed and preferred providers, Kindred at Home assists patients and family members in identifying the most appropriate care level in a variety of settings including skilled nursing facilities, home and other residential settings.

    When medical treatment cannot cure a progressive illness and physicians believe that life expectancy may be six months or less, hospice is a realistic and positive choice. We embrace the traditional hospice concept of family-oriented care focused on the patient’s comfort and quality of living in life’s final season. The care is designed to meet both emotional and physical needs. Hospice provides a family-oriented model of care designed to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of patients in life’s final season. Hospice programs are designed to comfort the patient and family and embraces the classic hospice model.

    Many patients that are transitioning to home from a hospital or nursing center still require skilled medical care in limited amounts in the home. Other people are still independent but require assistance in managing declining health. Our home care services are staffed with rehabilitation specialists who are specially trained to help our residents and patients feel safe and help you regain independence. Home Health offers medical services, including wound care and rehabilitation therapy, provided in the comfort of home.

    When patients are struggling with prolonged illness, recovery from surgery, physical or developmental disabilities or simply the challenges of aging, Kindred at Home Personal Home Care Assistance services provide help with activities of daily living. Perhaps transportation to medical appointments is needed, or help with meals and housekeeping, attentive companionship, or occasional relief for family caregivers. Care begins with highly trained caregivers, fully bonded and insured and matched to the client’s requirements and preferences, available on an hourly or as-needed basis.

    Other Service Offered Along Our Continuum of Care:

    Inpatient Rehabilitation

    Providing rehabilitative services in the most appropriate setting is a key component of Kindred’s overall approach to continuing care. Typically, patients receiving short-term inpatient rehabilitation are recovering from joint surgery or other procedures and need an intensive, supervised rehabilitation regimen. These services are provided by therapists with RehabCare, Kindred’s rehabilitation services division.

    Outpatient Rehabilitation

    The first goal at Kindred hospitals and nursing and rehabilitation centers is to return patients to the highest level of function as possible, as quickly as possible. In some circumstances, continuing to provide rehabilitative support on an outpatient basis is the best option.

    RehabCare, Kindred’s rehabilitation services division, includes a comprehensive array of outpatient rehabilitative support, including physical, respiratory, speech and occupational therapies provided by highly trained and certified rehab professionals.

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