• The Key to Our Success

    We are a business of people and service. The quality of our product is in the quality of our people, their interactions and relationships. We all deserve to be treated well. This is the cornerstone of Service Excellence!

    All of our employees – whether clinicians, support staff or other caregivers – serve different “customers” every day – residents and family members. How we take care of them helps define our success as a company, and it is a part of our Service Excellence program.

    Service Excellence is a way to measure the level of service we provide to all of our customers. Here are the elements of our Service Excellence program:

    Pride – Owning and feeling proud of our work quality and our mission.

    Compassion – Focusing on the resident and taking sincere, appropriate actions.

    Fun – Enjoying work and being an enthusiastic participant.

    Teamwork – Achieving greater results through cooperation and recognizing contributions.

    Integrity – Doing the right thing.

    Respect – Treating others as they would like to be treated, and extending common courtesy through a smile or creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

    Professionalism – Assuring your skills, competencies, and licensures are current for your job responsibilities; looking and behaving professionally while performing at the highest level.

    Responsibility – Being accountable and doing what is expected or beyond; assuring what needs to be done, gets done.

    We are committed to achieving Service Excellence in all we do, and we appreciate your feedback.

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