• Resident and Family Testimonials

    At Kindred Assisted Living - Avery Crossings, our hard work and efforts are rewarded daily by the residents we serve. Not only are we thanked in person on a regular basis, we receive countless letters, poems and artwork showing appreciation. These letters are an example of what we receive. To read more letters, please contact the admissions director.

    Letter to the Editor Submission, Needham Hometown Weekly

    Needham senior living facilities praise employees for weathering winter

    "We thought it was time for a "good news" story about snow...

    "Our assisted living communities have not missed a beat despite the lack of reliable public transportation, poor driving conditions, school cancellations and driveways in need of major shoveling.

    "How does this happen? 

    "We are blessed to have employees who go above and beyond to care for our elderly residents. Staff has been spending the night "at work" (sleeping on couches) so that they can be ready the next morning to cook breakfast, pass medication, make beds and reassure concerned family members.

    "Staff with cars have been providing transportation to those dependent on public transportation. Others have taken costly taxicabs rather than miss their shift. Everyone has been scrambling to arrange childcare.

    "Our organizations are blessed with dedicated teams of caregivers. It will take more than a record-breaking snowstorm to dampen their caring spirit.

    "We extend a heartfelt thank you to the staff of Avery Crossings and Avita of Needham. Your commitment is valued and appreciated.

    --Rosalind F., Avery Crossings, Mary Jane, M., Avita of Needham (2/16/15)


    "We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you did to make Alice’s time at Avery Crossings to enjoyable. She loved the concerts and especially bowling with friends. Moving her to Avery Crossings when we did was the best decision we could have made – she met so many new friends.

    "Thank you again for everything!"
    --Jackie G. (8/12/14)


    "Thank you again for all of your care and support over the last two years. Alice always enjoyed her visits with you. We are grateful for her time at Avery Crossings, and all of the memories we shared there. She kept us all on our toes and we’ll miss her.

    "Thank you again for everything,"
    --Jackie G. (8/12/14)

    "To the staff and residents of Avery Crossings,

    "A note to let you all know that you made my brother so welcome and happy during his time with you all. I am sad he could not have been with you longer so I could have known you all better as well. Avery Crossings is a lovely place and thank you for all the care you gave to my brother. I will continue my prayers for you all."

     --Janet (11/13/13)


    "There are simply NO WORDS that can express the appreciation that we have for all that you have done to make Mom’s life, and ours, “comfortable” --- in body and spirit. You and your staff at Avery Crossings are absolutely outstanding!

    "And I don’t know how/why we were so fortunate that Jen was available at the time that Mom needed “someone’s” extra help (of course she wasn’t in favor of the idea!). Once she met Jen, however, she was won over…as everyone else seems to be. We must’ve been truly blessed.

    "Without your help, this would never have happened…nor would we have had Rabbi Mitchell in Mom’s life. A big THANKS!

    --Phyllis (8/16/13)

    "Matthew, Michael, and Elyse,

    "Mom enjoyed a very good two years at the Crossings, and her family thanks you. Each person on the staff was so kind.

    "Thank you again,"
    --Linda T.

    "Dear Matt,

    "This is a long overdue thank you to you and your staff! Our family could not be happier with our grandmother living in your community! You all make her feel so welcome and she is constantly thanking us and saying how happy she is at Avery Crossings. She adjusted so well to the routine right from the start and it is hard to believe it will be 2 years next month since she moved in.

    "She knows that there are people looking out for her….but she feels independent to make her own decisions which is so important for someone that is 88 years old! She loves her apartment and especially enjoys being across from the library where she likes to read the daily paper and glance at magazines. She happily attends the trips that you offer each week and is constantly raving about how she gets to eat in a restaurant every meal. She speaks very highly of Michael and the personal care attendants who treat her with great respect. She appreciates the assistance she receives from the personal care attendants with medication and loves the way they remind her that it is time for a meal or an activity.

    "Elyse also deserves a mention in this note. She has always done her best to have our grandmother reminded of trips and activities and communicates with me to make sure money has been set aside for trips when needed.

    "You truly have a great team and we appreciate all that is done to make this a great place for our grandmother.

    "Best Regards,"
    --Florence's Family

    "Dear Michael Burrill (Avery Food Services Director),

    "The center of human nature is rooted in ten thousand ordinary acts of kindness that define our days.

    "Your extraordinary efforts on behalf of our family patriarch epitomize that very essence of kindness and we thank you.

    "We thank you for taking more than the proverbial "extra step." You have acted with sensitivity, care and genuine enthusiasm. If only we could clone you, you would lift the reputation of many other Independent Living Residences around the country. We are so glad to know you and to be the recipients of your genuine acts of kindness.

    --The E. Family

    "My family and I want to thank you and your staff for providing our dear mother the comfort, care, and support she required while living at Kindred Assisted Living - Avery. Mother felt very 'at home' and spoke often of the kindness that was shown to her. It was a difficult six months for us and your cooperation and thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated. We believe you and your staff are pretty special. Very special! Take good care and many thanks."

    -- Judy, Carol, and family

    "Just wanted to thank you for the programming you develop for the residents of Kindred Assisted Living - Avery and the rapport you have established with our mother. She seems more engaged in the activities available than when she first arrived. We appreciate all you do."

    -- Susan

    "Last weekend it was my pleasure to be an overnight guest of my sister, Enid. Thank you for making it possible for us to enjoy that time together. On Saturday, our four sisters celebrated the 50th birthday of the "baby" with our friends in your party room. Michael and her servers gave us a delicious and appropriate luncheon. Please express my appreciation and satisfaction to them. I greatly appreciate your sharing Kindred Assisted Living - Avery with us in these ways and for the care and pleasure Enid receives. She is very happy with you."

    -- Lorna

    "I can't thank your staff enough for all you did for my parents. We get some solace in knowing they spent the end of their lives at Avery. I'll be happy to recommend Kindred Assisted Living - Avery to any prospective clients."

    -- Karin

    "Joyce and I enjoyed your hospitality last evening very much. The festive mood in the dining room was nice to experience as was the food. Your welcome and enjoying a glass of wine was a nice way to start off the evening."

    "We found Richard looking and acting as well as we can remember. We can only attribute this to his new found Avery Crossings experience and the care and attention that you and others on your staff extend to him. For this we are very grateful."


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